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Expand Your Living Space With a Basement Walkout in North Platte

Do you find that your home is a little small? Do you wish you could create a home addition but don’t have the space to do it? Do you have a basement that is barely being used? If so, a basement walkout could be for you! A basement walkout will give you direct access between your basement and the outside. It’s perfect for a home addition project that requires virtually no extra space.

South Platte Excavating provides excavation services for basement walkouts in North Platte and the surrounding area. Following precisely laid out design plans, our experienced excavation professionals will turn your help turn your basement from dingy storage space into a bright and spacious living space!

What is a Basement Walkout?

Basement walkouts come in two main forms. One of them is common in homes and cottages built into the side of a hill. The main floor sits up higher on the hill and when you descend into the basement, the steep slope of the hill means that the outside is accessible by a doorway. This type of basement walkout requires advanced planning and the construction of a very specific type of foundation. South Platte Excavating can provide the excavation for this kind of walkout for new construction.

The other form of walkout can be added to existing foundations. This is the perfect way to transform a basement into a new living space. Earth is excavated from the foundation. A hole is created in the foundation and waterproofing measures are taken with care. Stairs are built to reach the basement where a door and windows are installed for access.

What are the Advantages of Basement Walkouts?

By installing windows into the foundation, a basement walkout can add a lot of light to a basement. That makes the space much more inviting and even very bright. A dark, dingy basement can become bright and full of natural light!

Many of our clients use basement walkouts to turn their basement into rentable space. The new entrance means that a tenant would no longer have to enter by the main door of your home. This creates more privacy for you and for the tenant renting from you. Adding a kitchen and bathroom down there means your basement will practically be a separate apartment.

Basement Walkouts Can Be More Than Just Stairs

When most people think of basement walkouts, they think of a set of stairs leading to a door into the basement. But that’s only the beginning. It’s also possible to build a patio at the basement level. We’ve had clients get large portions of their foundation dug out and exposed so they can add multiple windows, French doors and large backyard patios. Flower pots, a barbecue, a table and chairs and you have a nice set-up for enjoying the great summer weather in North Platte!

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