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Hauling Services

South Platte Excavating has been providing North Platte contractors, developers, business owners and homeowners with high-quality excavation services in the area for years. Our excavating services always rank among the best in the area simply because we understand that no two excavation projects are the same. We appreciate that each excavation project has its own unique set of needs and our adaptability is a quality clients look for when they are shopping for an excavation company.Our success is tied to earning the trust of our North Platte clientele by providing cost-effective solutions, reliable service and helpful advice. And while these are the principles we have built our business on, fostering a sense of respect between us and our clients depends on being clean.

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Agricultural Excavating

Whether you need large rocks excavated from your Ogallala farm to plant a new field or you simply want to flatten out some rock-infested land for ploughing, the fact of the matter is that you need to invest in an agricultural excavation services that you can fully rely on. With a wealth of experience in all aspects of agricultural excavating, there is no task too big or job too small for the skilled and dedicated team of excavators at South Platte Excavating. Our fully certified team possess all the skill necessary to take care of even the trickiest of excavating jobs quickly and effectively, while our use of the latest and most technologically advanced machinery means that we can take care of all types of excavating jobs in a time-efficient fashion. So, what are you waiting for? Call our office today and allow our helpful staff to assist you with whatever agricultural excavating service you may need right away.


Driveway Repairs

Is your driveway crumbling away a little bit more every day? Does it have so many cracks in it that you worry it’s not going to last another year? A driveway that’s falling into disrepair isn’t useful to anyone and can be damaging to your vehicle. Whether you’ve just moved into a home that needs some work or you’ve been ignoring your failing driveway for a little too long, South Platte Excavating is here to help.

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Septic Tanks

Living in North Platte has a ton of benefits. Sure, it’s not so small that you know every single person in town, but it’s pretty close! And this friendly hometown attitude is framed against the backdrop of the breathtaking Nebraskan scenery.

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Basement Walkouts

Do you find that your home is a little small? Do you wish you could create a home addition but don’t have the space to do it? Do you have a basement that is barely being used? If so, a basement walkout could be for you! A basement walkout will give you direct access between your basement and the outside. It’s perfect for a home addition project that requires virtually no extra space.

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